Monday, June 09, 2008


After a very long hiatus from my duties as a blogger, I have decided the time has come for me to return. My life is as busy as always, but my desire to share thoughts and ideas have led me back to the life of a blogger. I remain very busy with ministry, traveling and speaking in churches and youth events across the country. I still reside in the Philadelphia area and travel frequently between Philadelphia and Florida, as well as many other desitinations throughout the country. I also stay very busy with my many business ventures which include my real estate and investing company Hagar Andrews LLC, which I share with my long time business partner and the man I consider my surrogate son, Mr. Tyler Andrews. I am the Team Leader/Manager of the Keller Williams Realty Market Center in Middletown, Delaware. Tyler and I have our own Keller Williams Realty Team of which he oversees the day to day operations. And if we were not busy enough, Tyler and I are involved in a business, offering a variety of digital communications products and services. And so, as I said, I am back to posting periodically. But also as I said, my life is very busy, so the postings will not be an everyday event. If you do see something which interests you, please feel free to comment. I always enjoy reading your comments.